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Trust is the undeniable foundation of effective teams. Trust inspires confidence and causes employees to feel empowered and engaged. On high-trust teams, win-lose thinking diminishes while the speed and accuracy of decision-making increases.


Good communication is vital to leaders in order to inspire trust, express the vision and establish clear expectations.  The ability to direct with clarity as well as listen with intent motivates those they lead to achieve greater success.


Awareness of your motivations and inborn strengths releases your power, professionally as well as personally. Understanding how to motivate others successfully influences morale and productivity in a positive manner.

Click here to watch Kathy's TEDx Talk.

Click here to watch Kathy’s TEDx Talk.

HerdWise transforms how people work together in a way that is powerful, effective and easy to implement. Your experience of team and leadership excellence is far different and more powerful than simply learning about it from a corporate trainer or a webinar. Through interacting with horses you’ll recreate work issues, identify challenges and practice solutions that creates partnership in the arena and transforms the workplace.